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Colgante libélula lila-azul pequeño - 1 -
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With the concern of building new visions, FUSIÓ PLATA was born. 925 Silver jewelry that combines the oxidized finish with silver or tinted. The game with structures and assemblies, and the contrast of finishes, inspire collections of organic shapes that create a whole architectural world in jewelry. As an example, our Junc collection, which merges the concept of nature and architecture in a single piece.


It is inspired by the alignments of nature, it recreates the image of grouped reeds, trunks, rushes... And from an artistic perspective, it advances towards the rational domain of this same geometry that exists in the environment to materialize it in this jewel that is forcefully expressed beyond science or any mathematical theory that purports to explain it. It exists by itself.

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It rests calm, restores serenity, harmonizes the elegance of its two parts, which have found each other like the fallen leaves that the wind has accompanied with a gentle sway on its journey to touch the ground.
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Capture of the very moment in which the representation of this conscious movement takes shape. Throw the utensils up, draw their stroke across the space and make it joy. Now is yours.


In its stillness movement happens. It is the ribbon that the gymnast throws in front to take it later making a serpentine when she picks it up in a demonstration of perfect elegance that is now transformed into a ring.


The calm rests after the storm. The branches that the downpour dragged to the river bank lie. It is the course of the water that resists being tamed and offers us a sublime spectacle. Energy transformed into jewel.


Our architecture becomes an integral part of our essence with the dynamic and not static. Live, change, express the intangible through the tangible. Gives life to inert materials by relating them to the human being.
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Perfect concretion of an ephemeral fact. Aesthetics of an emotion arising from human intervention in nature. Zen moment that belongs to you. Enjoy it.


The jewels are used to symbolize different messages such as security, wisdom, elegance and prosperity. Many women like to wear jewelry as a symbol of femininity or to show their personal style. The TRAI collection impresses with its elegant simplicity of contrasting black and white silver.