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Colgante libélula lila-azul pequeño - 1 -
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It is this restlessness to keep moving forward that has culminated in the Pigments Collection, which arises under the challenge of achieving total integration of color and texture. This is how a new product line arrives in 2009 that shares shapes, textures and colors that we can recognize in nature and that materializes with sobriety and elegance. With this collection, the explosion of colour reaches its maximum expression, explores new applications that surprise in each collection and leaves no one indifferent.


It evokes a very specific landscape: dry soil, eroded rock, old bark... and connects us directly with nature. It has a bit of forest, a bit of mountain, even the smell of autumn, but above all it has personality and conveys all the intensity that the artist put into it.

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It is inspired by the alignments of nature, recreating the image of reeds, trunks, rushes... From art, it advances towards the rational domain of geometry that we find in nature and materializes it in this jewel that is forcefully expressed beyond of science and of no mathematical theory that wants to explain it.

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Simplicity and sophisticated aesthetics while transforming something as simple as the reeds that grow in the streams of our territory into a splendid jewel.

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The SYMPHONY collection evokes a familiar song. Notes from our trajectory are orchestrated in this fusion between the new and the old. Each color is a note, combine them to create your own melody.


It crosses the matter, delves into the textures, seduces through the colors... The landscape of the rocks and the sea is intuited. A stubborn and tenacious sea that, at the cost of attacking the rocks again and again, has finally made its way towards a new challenge. We are at the entrance of a sea cave, we are in the Mediterranean.


Relive in the memory of fantasy a wonderland where a mischievous cat reminds you that nothing is what it seems.


The genius of the TROIA collection is found in its simplicity. Lines that delimit a sand texture with bright colors applied with the Pigments technique.


„In the classical theory of general relativity […] the beginning of the universe must be a singularity of infinite density and curvature of space-time." Stephen Hawking Put your own singularity on display!
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One's own character cannot be developed in calm and stillness. DANA transmits the strength that the soul needs to strengthen itself from the experience to achieve success and the personal satisfaction of overcoming one's own challenges.


We are not certain of knowing where we are going or where we came from. Between two darknesses, LARA jewels offer a flash of colour.


Our architecture becomes an integral part of our essence with the dynamic and not static. Live, change, express the intangible through the tangible. Gives life to inert materials by relating them to the human being.
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Pigment gives life to life. It transmits joy, modifies moods, lights up the eyes of the observer and, symbolically, is associated with positive emotions. Nature offers us an inexhaustible range of colors, the same tree changes color at all times depending on the light, the weather... Each jewel of pigments hides a very personal look at nature, an exultant look of color that leaves no one indifferent. , just like nature itself.