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Colgante Volut ocre Bronce - 2
47,00 €

Pendientes volut ocre - 2
38,00 €

Pendientes volut ocre - 2
41,00 €

Pendientes volut azul Formentera - 2
39,00 €

Pendientes volut azul Formentera - 2
41,00 €

Anillo Minerva curvado - 1 18
145,00 €



It is inspired by the alignments of nature, recreating the image of reeds, trunks, reeds...
From art, it advances towards the rational domain of geometry that we find in nature and materializes it in this jewel that is forcefully expressed beyond of science and of any mathematical theory that wants to explain it.
It is for itself.
With the desire to build new visions, Fusion was born, 925 silver and 750 gold jewelry.
Quality assemblies that give rise to a collection such as Junc, which reviews every detail to fuse the metals and highlight the brilliant cut diamond that accompanies each piece of these gems.


With the concern of building new visions, FUSIO was born, 925 Silver jewelry that combines two finishes; oxidized and silver with a final protection layer.
The game with structures and assemblies, and the contrast of metals and finishes, inspire collections of organic shapes, creating an architectural world in jewelry.
How the Junc group lives by example, which founds the concept of nature and architecture in a single form.

With the evolution of the fire enamel technique, the Arior Pigments line arises, a technique developed by Arior applied in this set with a skill that requires considerable precision and skill. Each piece is pigmented one by one and the small differences between them are another quality that makes them unique.


Bronze earrings with gold plating and black rhodium

Bronze pendant with gold plating and black rhodium

Bronze ring with gold plating and black rhodium

Bronze bangle with gold bath and black rhodium