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Colgante Volut ocre Bronce - 2
47,00 €

Pendientes volut ocre - 2
38,00 €

Pendientes volut ocre - 2
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Pendientes volut azul Formentera - 2
39,00 €

Pendientes volut azul Formentera - 2
41,00 €

Anillo Minerva curvado - 1 18
145,00 €


With the concern of building new visions, in 2007, we began to experiment with the manipulation and combination of different metals and finishes, thus emerging the FUSIÓ OR line. A set of structures and assemblies that inspire this collection of organic shapes, creating a whole architectural world within jewelry. In this sense, FUSIÓ OR starts from designs where nothing is left to chance, each prototype is carefully studied, measured to the millimeter, rectified if necessary until it fits perfectly, and, as in an architect's plans, is materialized in a small work of art.
All FUSIÓ OR jewels are made of 925 sterling silver and 750 gold, and, when applied, they have Wesselton-quality brilliant-cut diamonds.


Aesthetic and sophisticated simplicity at the same time, which transforms something as simple as the reeds that grow in the torrents of our territory, into a splendid jewel.
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It is inspired by the alignments of nature, recreating the image of reeds, trunks, rushes... From art, it advances towards the rational domain of geometry that we find in nature and materializes it in this jewel that is forcefully expressed beyond of science and of no mathematical theory that wants to explain it.
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It rests calm, restores serenity, harmonizes the elegance of its two parts, which have found each other like the fallen leaves that the wind has accompanied with a gentle sway on its journey to touch the ground.


Following the rhythm, letting the line flow in a natural movement, with the spontaneity of the creative act. This is how the sophistication of the purest beauty is achieved. There is no artistic pretension, only a truth that oozes energy beyond its apparently abstract appearance.
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ZOOM was developed by increasing our vision of CHAOS, wanting to delve deeper into it, we built something new. At first we added texture to the backgrounds, then more pieces, and finally ZOOM became its own jewelry line.


It manages to transmit all the strength of the great mountains. It reproduces the asymmetry of the longitudinal slopes and the pronounced unevenness of the great peaks that rise to where there is no longer any forest, but life. The peaks offer us a new perspective, they are both the end of the terrain and the domain of the landscape, they are the oasis of peace and harmony.


The organic shapes create a feeling of depth and casualness, a noble but not pretentious piece. Two overlapping ovals of textured and blackened sterling silver set against a floating oval with polished gold wire, holding a brilliant-cut diamond.
Everything you look for in a jewel: Contrast, structure, impeccable fit, elegance and style.
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The Moebius band or strip is one of those geometric objects that border on magic. A single face, a single edge.
Mathematics turned into art and art into jewels. A jewel, in this case, with its own name, MOEBIUS.


Relive in the memory of fantasy a wonderland where a mischievous cat reminds you that nothing is what it seems. Smile.


From the fusion of the most ethnic origins with the sophistication of contemporary design, NAIROBI was born. A line designed to remind us of human resilience and family ties.


"Scribal culture and Gothic architecture were concerned with light through, not light on." Marshall McLuhan
Definitely, a jewel is not a building but there are common principles, and one is the majesty of the pillars that support the design. The FILUM collection is the essence of the pillars that hold things up.


Oxidized sterling silver with its beautiful wavy pattern and a line of gold supporting a diamond, give the impression of looking at a surface of wind-swept water reflecting the sun.


Our architecture becomes an integral part of our essence with the dynamic and not static. Live, change, express the intangible through the tangible. Gives life to inert materials by relating them to the human being.


The panot of Barcelona is one of the most iconic images of the city. It is found everywhere but, above all, on the ground. As a company deeply rooted in our city, the most natural thing was to turn this common symbol into high-end jewelry.

COLLECTION Engagement rings

Aurum, Argentum et Ferrum. The Sun, the Moon and the core of the planet Earth. A magnetic field that is reproduced in the gold, matt silver and oxidized silver of these rings with a powerful symbolic charge and a captivating aesthetic force.
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