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The Singular collection is inspired by the simple shapes of Nature, made from circles of different sizes, creating a set that exudes harmony, balance and beauty. Ornamented with a wide range of colors that complete this collection. An inexhaustible range of colors that Nature offers us. Each jewel of pigments hides a very personal look at nature, an exultant look of color that leaves no one indifferent, just like nature itself.

big earrings

large pendants



The Duplex earrings are born from the Singular set, with these circular shapes we experiment with the technique to create a new type of earrings. As their name indicates, they are earrings made up of two parts. A little earring button and a lower part with different sizes of holes to be able to regulate the position of the earring according to the type of ear. Variety in colors and shapes to create your own earrings. Combine them to your liking


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